Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Grade 5 - AMS 4928- AMS 4911 - UNS R56400

Titanium's unique combination of physical, mechanical and corrosion resistant properties makes it an ideal material for many different applications. Titanium's high strength to weight ratio makes titanium the prime choice for high strength, lightweight applications.

6Al-4V Titanium Bar
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Ti-6Al-4V Titanium, commonly referred to as 6Al-4V, is a 2-phase alpha-beta type Titanium alloy. It is a grade used primarily for wrought products, such as Round Bar, Flat Bar, Rolled Plate, and Forged Products. It is produced in multiple melts starting with a vacuum arc remelt (VAR), electron beam (EB), or plasma arc hearth melt (PAM). Remelting is done in one or two steps in a VAR furnace.

In the annealed condition, its yield strength is 120 Ksi minimum. It is readily formed, and is weldable by using inert gas shielding. Spot, seam, flash and pressure welding are also used depending on the application. Its strength properties can be elevated by solution treatment and aging (STA). This grade has good elevated temperature strength, low temperature impact strength, and has good creep resistance. 6Al-4V Titanium shows good corrosion resistance to sea water and marine atmospheres, and in wet chlorine and chlorine dioxide. Machining is similar to that of Austenitic Stainless Steels, e.g. 304, 316. Slow speeds, heavy feeds, and non-chlorinated cutting fluid are typically used for most applications.

Ti-6AL-4V Titanium at Service Steel Aerospace

Service Steel Aerospace (SSA) is one of the largest titanium distributors in the World. SSA stocks titanium mill products for the Aerospace Industry, Oil Field, Biomedical, Racing and other critical application industries. We rely on our vast inventory and mill relationships to offer immediate delivery on all of our mill products. SSA places the highest value on quality, customer service and customer satisfaction.

Our extensive inventory of ingot and billet allows SSA to competitively support rolled plate, rounds, forged rounds, and open-die custom "on size" block forgings at less than mill lead time and no mill minimums. SSA also offers value added processing such as heat treating, trepanning, water jet cutting, sonic inspection and mechanical testing.

Ti-6AL-4V Titanium is typically used in the following applications:

Used primarily for parts requiring corrosion resistance, stress-corrosion, and high strength 600°F (316°C), with good ductility and strength in transverse direction for

  • Jet engine compressor blades, discs and rings
  • Airframe components
  • Military Hardware
  • Pressure vessels
  • Space craft components, including rocket engine
  • Medical & surgical devices. A variant 6Al-4V ELI (Extra Low Interstitial) is often used for these applications.
  • Recreational Equipment
  • Auto and Boat Racing
  • Other uses needing a high strength to weight ratio

Common Trade Names:

  • 6-4 Titanium
  • Ti 64
  • 6Al4V Titanium
  • Alpha Beta Titanium
  • Grade 5 Titanium
  • Ti-Grade 5
  • 6%Al-4%V Titanium
  • Titan Grade 5 (6Al-4V) EN Designation
  • TC4
  • Ti64
  • ASTM Grade 5
  • DIN 3.7165
  • SAE 4928

Safe Handling:

Pyrophoric conditions:
  • Fines can ignite above 480° F (250° C)
  • Powder, grinding & turnings can ignite
  • Some corrosion produces (dry Cl2, red fuming, nitric acid)
Safety precautions:
  • Handle in small quantities
  • Electrically ground equipment (prevent sparks)
  • Use non-sparking equipment (monel, aluminum, stainless)
  • Put grindings/turnings in closed containers
  • Prohibit smoking
Safety fire extinguishing:
  • Use class D (metal fires)
  • Use dry common salt (cut off oxygen source)
  • Do not use water (hydrogen reaction possible)

Common Specifications:

  • AMS 4928 – Bars, Forgings, and Forging Stock (Annealed)
  • AMS 4965 – Bars, Forgings (Solution Treated and Aged)
  • AMS 4967 – Bars, Forgings (Annealed, Heat Treatable)
  • AMS 6930 – Bars, Forgings (Solution Treated and Aged)
  • AMS 6931 – Bars, Forgings (Annealed)
  • AMS 4911 – Sheet & Plate (Annealed)
  • ASTM F 1472 – Bars, Forgings, Sheet, Strip, and Plate
  • ISO 5832-3 – Wrought Alloy
  • ASTM B-348 – Bars, Forgings
  • ASTM B265 – Plate
  • 6Al-4V MIL-T-9047 – Bars, Forgings
  • AMS-T-9047 – Bars, Forgings
  • MIL-T-9046 – Plate
  • AMS-T-9046 – Plate
  • AMS 4920 – Forgings Alpha-Beta or Beta Processed, Annealed
  • Boeing BMS 7-269
  • DMS 1583
  • DMS 1570
  • DMS 1592

Physical Properties:

  • Density: 0.163 #/in3
  • Titanium is approximately 57.5% of the weight of steel

Stocked Sizes:

  • 6Al-4V Block (Rect Bar): 0.500” - 6.5” thick
  • 6Al-4V Plate: 0.250” - 4.000” thick
  • 6Al-4V Sheet: 0.010” - 0.156” thick
  • 6Al-4V Round Bar: 0.500” - 10.500” Dia.
  • 6Al-4V Billet & Ingot: 5” - 34” RCS
    • For custom forging of Blocks and Round Bar


Machining is similar to that of Austenitic Stainless Steels, e.g. 304, 316. Slow speeds, heavy feeds, and non-chlorinated cutting fluids are typically used for most applications.


This alloy can be welded by using inert gas shielding. Spot, seam, flash and pressure welding are also used depending on application.

6-4 Titanium & other grades: AS9100 Mill Producers

  • Arconic Corp RTI
  • ATI Specialty Materials
  • Baoji Titanium Industry Co Ltd
  • Carpenter Technology Corp. Dynamet
  • Howmet Aerospace/RTI
  • NF&M International
  • Perryman Co
  • S-Tech Corp
  • Tech Spec Inc/TSI Titanium
  • Timet (Titanium Metals Corp.)
  • VSMPO-Tirus, US

Chemical Composition:

SymbolElementMin %Max %
Other, each0.100%
Other, total0.400%

Mechanical Properties:

Annealed Condition per AMS 4928
SizeTensile Min Yield MinElongation in 2" Reduction of Area
Thru 2"135 ksi125 ksi10% min25% min
Over 2" thru 4"130 ksi120 ksi10% min25% min
over 4" thru 6"130 ksi120 ksi10% min20% min
Depending on section size, this material can be solution treated and aged to produce typical properties of 140 – 170 ksi tensile strength and 130 – 150 ksi yield strength

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